Thirus Alnarr

A scholarly wizard at the beginning of a lifelong adventure


Thirus knows nothing of where he came from. All he knows is that when he was less than a year old he was brought to an orphanage in Magnimar, by whom he never found out. At the age of 8 he was picked out by a wizard that would often visit orphanages around the city, looking for children with an aptitude for the arcane. He was taken to the Stone of the Seers, the largest wizard school in Magnimar, where he served as a squire for many years. His days were spent learning of the world. History, mathematics, science, as well as more advanced courses of study as he grew older. His evenings and nights on the other hand were spent performing rigorous chores for the masters of the school, mostly cleaning the grounds of the school.

Since a very young age, Thirus was always enamored with the gigantic ancient ruins that not only littered the landscape of Valisia, but also towered over his home city. The topic and study of these ruins would prove to be a life-long fascination for him, often spending his free time in the school’s massive library and learning all he could about these strange monoliths. By the age of 18 he had finally earned his right to begin his formal magic training and was assigned a master. His master was a silent yet stern man, and had picked Thirus to be his student for the boy’s studious, focused attitude. Thirus was always very hard working when it came to education, often being the top in his class in most subjects. While many of his fellow students would spend their free time relaxing, he could be found in the library buried in a stack of tomes and scrolls. He wasn’t a complete busy-body, book-worm though. He would often go out with friends from the school up to the Lowcleft district to enjoy in that part of the city’s vibrant night life. Thirus and his master grew very close over the next 20 years of his education.

When Thirus was nearing his graduation, he decided that he wanted to spend the last year of his schooling abroad. Being completely fascinated by the Thassalonian ruins, he rode north to Varisian territory and eventually joined a traveling nomadic tribe in an attempt to learn more about them and the runes that they often tattooed upon themselves and that which often appeared on the ruins across Varisia. The tribe was very suspicious of Thirus’ intentions and it took him quite some time before he earned their trust. He traveled across nearly all of northern Varisia, learning all he could from them. When he felt that his studies with them were at an end, he said goodbye to the tribe and headed back to Magnimar, but not before he was inducted into the tribe as an honorary member and was given a very cryptic message hinting that their paths would cross again at some point.

When he returned to Magnimar, Thirus was crushed to learn that his master had passed away while he was away. With only a few months of his proper education left, and a reputation for being quite studious, he was allowed to finish his studies under his own tutelage. After making his presentation to the council of the school, proving he could be a full-fledged mage and could properly represent the Stone of the Seers, he granted full status as a mage of Magnimar. Seeing as he had learned all he could from the school’s masters and their extensive library, Thirus decided that the only way he could excel his knowledge of the world was by actually traveling it. Aside from a few casual acquaintances, there was really nothing keeping him in Magnimar. With his master’s old heavy spell book in tow, he headed north, with no particular destination.

It was on the road north that he caught wind of a festival in Sandpoint from some traveling merchants he met along the way. Deciding that a festival would be a nice celebration to kick off his travels, and always wanting to have seen the famed, yet modest, opera house of Sandpoint, he immediately caught a ride to the cliff side town and checked himself into a local inn.

Thirus Alnarr

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