Teodoros Arkmagos

A magic-wielding disciple of Iomedae with a draconic heritage.

Basic Stats
Talent:Savvy Specialty:Adept Class:Mage 14 Action Dice:5d8
Vitality:98 Wounds:12 Defense:20 DR:3
STR 10 +0 Fortitude +8
DEX 12 +1 Reflex +8
CON 12 +1 Will +17
INT 14 +2 Unarmed + 7
WIS 21 +5 Melee + 7
CHA 19 +4 Base 14 + 5 (Torc) Ranged + 8
Initiative + 9 + 8 (Mage 14) + 1 (Dex)
Defense 20 10 (Base) + 6 (Mage 14) + 1 (Dex) + 3 (Sihedron Ring)
(with shield) 22 + 2 guard
Melee Attack + 7 + 0 (Str) + 7 BAB (Mage 14)
Ranged Attack + 8 + 1 (Dex) + 7 BAB (Mage 14)
Unarmed Attack + 7 + 0 (Str) + 7 BAB (Mage 14)
Fortitude Save + 8 + 4 (Mage 14) + 1 (Con) + 3 (Sihedron Ring)
Reflex Save + 8 + 4 (Mage 14) + 1 (Dex) + 3 (Sihedron Ring)
Will Save + 17 + 9 (Mage 14) + 5 (Wis) + 3 (Sihedron Ring)
Weapon To hit Damage Notes
Katana + 8 1d10+2 (+ 0 Str, + 7 BAB, + 1 forte) 1d10+1 lethal damage, T 19-20; during Dramatic Scenes, + 8 total attack
Longbow + 9 1d6+ 1 AP 4 ( 1 Dex, +7 BAB, + 1 forte) Superior Longbow
Class Skill Skill Bonus Ranks Ability Misc E/T
O Acrobatics +8 7 +1 Dex
O Athletics +8 8 +0 Str
Blend +4 +4 Cha
C Bluff +10 6 +4 Cha
C Crafting +9 7 +2 Int
Disguise +4 +4 Cha
Haggle +5 +5 Wis
C Impress +12 7 +4 Cha +1 Appearance
C Intimidate +11 6 +5 Wis
C+ Investigate +22 17 +5 Wis
C+ Medicine +19 17 +2 Int
C Notice +22 17 +5 Wis
C Prestidigitation +16 15 +1 Dex
C+ Resolve +18 17 +1 Con
C Ride +7 6 +1 Dex
C Search +8 6 +2 Int
C+ Sense Motive +22 17 +5 Wis
Sneak +1 +1 Dex
Survival +5 +5 Wis
Tactics +2 +2 Int
S+ Spellcasting +28 17 +2 Int +4 Insight +5 Torc T 17+

Skills marked with a + are intended to be kept at maximum ranks.
The first column indicates origin (O), class ( C), and special (S) skills.
All Error Ranges are 1 and all Threat Ranges are 20 unless otherwise noted.

Crafting: Cooking, Inscription
Ride: Land Animal, Water Vehicles

Casting Level 14
Spell Points 28+44
Spellcasting +28 17 ranks + 2 Int + 4 Insight + 5 Torc, Threat 17+
Save DC 21 Base 10 + 4 Cha + 7 Spellcasting Feats
Spells Known 52 17 ranks + 21 Wis + 4 Arcane Adept + 10 Spell Library(Lifestyle 10)
Level 0 (10 Spells) Create Water (Conj) Detect Alignment (Seer) Detect Secret Doors (Tric) Feather Fall (Chan)
Flare (Chan) Glow I (Chan) Read Magic (Seer) Touch of Light (Ench)
Water Walk (Conj) Whispers (Seer)
Level 1 (5 Spells) Call from Beyond I+ (Prop) Cure Wounds I (Ench) Detect Magic (Seer) Magic Missile (Chan)
Shield (Chan)
Level 2 (7 Spells) Cure Wounds II (Prop) Detect Emotions (Seer) Goodberry (Ench) Knock (Chan)
Living Library I (Seer) Mage Armor (Chan) Restoration I (Ench)
Level 3 (10 Spells) Call from Beyond II+ (Prop) Cure Wounds III (Ench) Fireball I+ (Chan) Glow II (Chan)
Tongues I (Seer) Lift Curse I (Prop) Magic Vestment II (Conj) Neutralize Poison (Ench)
Searing Ray+! (Chan) Water Breathing (Tric)
Level 4 (8 Spells) Cure Wounds IV (Ench) Detect Lies (Seer) Detect Traps (Tric) Lightning Bolt I+ (Chan)
Magic Weapon II (Conj) Restoration II (Ench) Divine Power (Pres) Phantasmal Killer (Reap)
Level 5 (6 Spells) Call from Beyond III+ (Prop) Mass Cure Wounds I (Ench) Fly II (Chan) Heal (Ench)
Living Library II (Seer) True Seeing (Seer)
Level 6 (4) Mass Cure Wounds II (Ench) Lift Curse II (Prop) Lightning Bolt II (Chan) Tongues II (Seer)
Level 7 (2) Mass Cure Wounds III (Ench) Sunlight I (Chan)
+ Indicates Spells subject to Arcane Might and receive +2 to spellcasting checks.

! Indicates spell subject to spell secret and is effectively 1 level lower.
Call from Beyond stats

Spell Plan: (9)
Level 7 (3) Call from Beyond IV (Prop) Fireball II (Chan) Regenerate (Ench)
Level 8 (3) Mass Cure Wounds IV (Ench) Living Library III (Seer) Sunlight II (Chan)
Level 9 (3) Call from Beyond V (Prop) Lift Curse III (Prop) Mass Heal (Ench)
Lifestyle 10 6 (Mage 14) + 4 Cha
Prudence 6 (45%)
Stake 579s
Panache 4 App + 1, Income 40s
Legend 11 Mage 14
Reknown 8 Heroic 8. Knight Champion of Iomedae
Reputation 69
Interests 8 Base 4 + 4 from Career Level
Language:Taldane Study: Andoran Culture Alignment: Iomedae
Study: Andoran Geography Study: Varisian Culture Language:Thassilonian
Study:Runelords Study:Runic Magic
Knowledge checks + 12 + 2 Int +5 Studies + 5 If I Recall…
Proficiencies 7 2 Base (Mage) + 6 (Career Level 13)
Edged Edged forte Bows
Bow forte Decisive Swing Unarmed
undecided x2
Feat/Ability Source Description
Free Hint Talent:Savvy Once per session, you may request a hint from the
GM. If he refuses, you gain 1 bonus action die.
Grace Under Pressure Talent:Savvy You gain a +2 bonus with any roll you
boost with an action die.
If I Recall… Talent:Savvy You gain a +5 bonus with Knowledge checks
Free Hint Specialty:Adept Once per session, you may request a hint from the
GM. If he refuses, you gain 1 bonus action die.
Heroism Specialty:Adept You gain a +1 bonus with all attack and skill checks
you make during Dramatic scenes.
Practiced Search Specialty:Adept If you spend an action die to boost a Search
check and it still fails, you gain the die back after the action
is resolved. Against multiple targets you only regain the die if
the check fails against all of them.
Turning Specialty:Adept Choose a Type from the following list: animal,
beast, construct, elemental, fey, horror, ooze, outsider, plant,
spirit, or undead. Once per combat you may Turn characters
of this Type.
Casting Basics Bonus Feat, Specialty:Adept You gain a +2 insight bonus and a threat range
of 19–20 with Spellcasting checks.
Heroism I Campaign Quality: Beneficent Universe, Alignment: Iomedae You gain two bonus action dice at the start of each Dramatic scene. You may immediately give one of these dice to a hero who can see or hear you.
Draconic Heritage Feat, Career Level 1 You gain thick hide 3 and are always considered to have a mage’s pouch (see pages 13 and 159, respectively). When taking the Basic Skill Mastery feat you have access to a new skill pair: Conqueror (Impress & Tactics).
Arcane Adept Mage Core Ability You learn 4 additional Level 0 spells from any School. Also, once per scene as a free action, you may spend and roll up to 3 action dice to gain a number of spell points equal to the result. These action dice cannot explode.
Subtle and Quick to Anger Mage 1 At Level 1, you may purchase ranks in the Spellcasting skill, learn spells from any School, and cast Level 0 spells you know.
Arcane Might Mage 2,11 (Torc) At Levels 2, 11, and 19, the highest of your
Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma scores rises by 1. Also, you may choose up to 3 spells you know, gaining a +2 bonus with Spellcasting checks to cast them.
Circle of Power I Mage 3 At Level 3, you may cast Level 1 and lower spells you know.
Sword Basics Career Level 3 Once per round as a free action, you may Anticipate an opponent that you’ve hit with a sword this round. You suffer a –4 penalty with the Sense Motive check. Also, you gain a stance.
Martial Spirit (Stance): You gain a +1 bonus with melee attack checks and a +3 bonus with melee damage rolls.
Spell Conversion (Casting Time) Bonus Feat, Mage 4 You gain 2 tricks.
Careful Casting (Spellcasting Trick): When casting a spell with a Casting Time of 1 half action or more, you may increase the Casting Time to 10 times standard to reduce the spell’s level by 1 (min. 1).
Quick Casting (Spellcasting Trick): When casting a spell with a Casting Time of 1 round or less, you may pay 3 additional spell points to reduce the Casting Time to 1 free action. This action may be taken occur during your Initiative Count.
Circle of Power II Mage 5 At Level 5, you may cast Level 2 and lower spells you know.
Spell Secret Mage 6, 9, 12, 15 Torc At Levels 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18, you may choose 1 spell you know. Its spell level is considered to be 1 lower than normal for you. You may not apply this ability to the same spell more than once. Choose:Searing Ray, undecided, undecided, undecided
Spell Library Feat Career Level 6 You learn a number of additional spells equal to your Lifestyle.
Circle of Power III Mage 7 At Level 7, you may cast Level 3 and lower spells you know.
Casting Mastery Bonus Feat, Mage 8 You gain a +3 insight bonus and a threat range of 18–20 with Spellcasting checks. Also, once per scene, you may reroll a Spellcasting check.
Casting Supremacy Torc of Favor, Cating Mastery You gain a +4 insight bonus and a threat range of 17–20 with Spellcasting checks. Also, you may activate Spellcasting critical successes for 1 less action die (minimum 0).
Circle of Power IV Mage 9 At Level 9, you may cast Level 4 and lower spells you know.
Sword Mastery Bonus Feat, Career Level 9 You may use a sword to perform polearm or spear tricks. Also, you gain a trick.
Bury the Blade (Sword Attack Trick): If you hit by 4 or more, your attack gains keen 10.
Sword Supremacy Torc of Favor, Sword Mastery Your sword attacks inflict +1 damage per 2 your attack check exceeds the target’s Defense. Also, you gain a trick. Think Ahead (Sword Attack Trick): You may substitute your Sense Motive (Wis) bonus for your melee attack bonus. If the attack misses you become flat-footed at the end of your Initiative Count. You may use this trick as many times per combat as you have Melee Combat feats.
Arcane Wellspring I Mage 10 Your magical reserves run deep. At Level 10, when you have no spell points remaining, you may cast Level 1 spells without spending spell points. However, you may not apply spellcasting tricks to these spells.
Circle of Power V Mage 11 At Level 11, you may cast Level 5 and lower spells you know.
Spell Conversion:Effect Mage 12 Benefit: You gain 2 tricks.
Focus Spell (Spellcasting Trick): When casting a spell with one or more variable effects, you may double the Casting Time and reduce each of the spell’s variable effects to 1/2 standard (rounded down) to reduce the spell’s level by 1 (minimum 1).
Power Spell (Spellcasting Trick): When casting a spell with one or more variable effects, you may pay 3 additional spell points to increase each of the spell’s variable effects to its maximum value (as if you’d rolled the highest total possible with all random dice).
Double Cast Career Level 12 Benefit: You may cast a second spell during a round if you have sufficient remaining actions. You may use this ability a number of times per session equal to your starting action dice.
Circle of Power VI Mage 13 At Level 13, you may cast Level 6 and
lower spells you know.
Master of Magic Mage 14 While the mightiest of spells still require your full attention, lesser spells are now trivial for you. At Level 14, you may always take 10 with Spellcasting checks and the time required is not doubled when you do. You may use this ability a number of times per scene equal to your starting action dice.
Circle of Power VII Mage 14, Torc At Level 15, you may cast Level 7 and lower spells you know.
Sihedron Ring Prize +3 deflection bonus to defense, +3 to all saves, immunity to magical environment of the tower of Xin-Shalast.
Torc of Favor Level 11 Cost 74 Reputation
Custom Katana 6# Superior, Armor-piercing, Finesse Katana. Also Cavalry, Keen 4
Custom Chainmail Shirt Padded, Reinforced, Fitted Chainmail shirt.
Metal Shield 8#
Doctor’s Bag 2# Bandages, splints, salves, scalpels, and other items for performing first aid and surgery.
Bandages, 20 uses 1# Sterile strips of cloth, boiled leaves, and other antiseptics negate the bleeding condition.
Smelling Salts, 12 uses 1# These crystals emit a powerful odor that shocks the system, immediately waking any character whose wounds are above 0.
Rations, 28 d 20# Jerky, biscuits, and other trail foods are the perfect way to stay fed away from the comforts of civilization.
Backpack 3# The wearer’s Strength score is considered 2 higher for carrying capacity.
Bedroll 3# These items offer the user Cold Resistance 4.
Canteen 5# (when full) This item can hold 2 quarts of liquid.
Scribe’s Kit 2# Canvases, scrolls, pens, ink, and other writing implements.
Cook’s Kit 10# Pots and pans, utensils, herbs, and other cooking accoutrements.
Tent 15# This item offers the user Heat and Cold Resistance 4. A tent can house 4 Medium characters, 8 Small, 16 Tiny, and so on.
Coffee (6) 1# The power of caffeine stimulates a character’s reflexes, granting a +1 gear bonus with Reflex saves for 8 hours.
Tonic (12) 1# This foul-tasting drink grants a character an immediate save against 1 poison plaguing the character. If the save fails, the poison continues per its original timetable.
Ointment (12) 1# This early antibiotic grants a character 1 re-roll for each failed disease save for 1 day.
Superior Longbow 3#
Standard Arrows (60) 6# AP 2, poisonous
Total 88# But I can leave tent and some food in wagon to leave my load light
Coin in Hand 40s (income)
with backpack light load is 70#

Teodoros Magos was a disciple at the House of Peace Through Vigilance in Augustana. The house belongs to a part of the church of Iomedae that takes it’s inspiration from the eponymous ally of Iomedae.

An elder Auror of the House, Zdraelis, had a vision of an old evil rising again. Teo, a student, was sent to Varisia to investigate. After finding nothing of interest in Magnimar, he set out for Sandpoint. Upon arriving at Sandpoint, he found reports of a new goblin uprising, and an adventuring party had set out earlier to Thistletop to deal with the problem.

Teodoros Arkmagos

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