Lilliayn Genestra

Servant of Iomedae, and Antio's true love, offering guidance from beyond the grave.


Lilliayn Genestra (Medium Spirit Outsider Flyer — 70 XP): Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 10; SZ M (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 40 ft. flight; Init I; Atk I; Def IV; Res V; Health V; Comp I; Skills: Notice IV; Qualities: Attractive I, cagey III, class ability (Assassin: Cold Read 1/session; Burglar: Very, very sneaky), darkvision II, devoted VI (Light I/Good V), feat (Coordinated Attack, Coordinated Move, Coordinated Strike), improved carrying capacity, interests (Alignment: Iomedae; Languages: Common, Dwarf, Elf, Varisian; Studies: Korvosa, Iomedae), invisibility, telepathic, veteran I
Gear: Holy Book (The Acts of Iomedae: Teacher’s Edition), Holy Symbol, Longsword

Basic Stats: Threat Level 4
Vitality: 100 Wounds: 10 Defense: 13 DR: none (Acid Resist 5, immune to flash damage)
STR 10 +0 Fortitude +4
DEX 10 +0 Reflex +4
CON 10 +0 Will +4
INT 10 +0 Unarmed +2
WIS 10 +0 Melee +2
CHA 10 +0 Ranged +2
Skill Key Attribute Skill Bonus Threat/Error Class Skill Focuses
Notice Wis             +8            1 / 20         signature          
Competence Various   + 1 (+3 App bonus)           1 / 20         n/a          
Attractive I Appearance Bonus +2.
Cagey III May automatically succeed with 3 saves per scene.
Class Ability Assassin: Cold Read 1/session (see FC pg.30).
Class Ability Burglar: Very, very sneaky (flawless acrobatics/sneak).
Darkvision II Ignores all ambient light penalties.
Improved Carrying Capacity Str counts as 4 higher for carrying (lgt to 90, hvy to 270).
Interests Alignment: Iomedae; Language: Common, Elf, Dwarf, Varisian; Studies: Korvosa, Iomedae
Invisibility As a full action, the NPC may become invisible or visible again.
Telepathic Can mentally communicate with intelligent creatures.
Veteran I +1 threat level.
Feats and Paths
Path of Good I +5 bonus when contributing to cooperative checks.
Path of Good II May cast Calm Emotions and Consecrate once per scene.
Path of Good III May cast Castigate I and Prayer once per scene.
Path of Good IV Gain the Angelic Heritage feat.
Path of Good V May cast Purge and Sacred Aura once per scene.
Path of Light I Immune to flash damage. May also cast Flare and Glow I at will.
Feat Coordinated Attack: 1/round as a full action, you may direct a teammate who can see and hear you to make an immediate Standard Attack.
Feat Coordinated Move: 1/round as a full action, you may direct a teammate who can see and hear you to make an immediate Feint, Reposition, or Standard Move.
Feat Coordinated Strike: 1/round as a full action, you may direct up to 2 teammates who can see and hear you to make an immediate Standard Attack or Standard Move.
Feat Angelic Heritage: Wis +1, Acid Resistance 5, Appearance bonus +1.
Gear       Description                                                   Weight Complexity
Holy Book The Acts of Iomedae: Teacher’s Edition                3 lbs    12  
Holy Symbol Iomedae 1 lbs 12   
Longsword Ritual Weapon 4 lbs 12 (free)

Lilliayn Genestra never knew her birth parents, being a castoff child in Korvosa’s poor Shingles district. As an infant she was taken in by priests of Iomedae doing charitable work in the Shingles, and was raised from her youth in the ways of The Inheritor. A genuinely good soul both by nature and by nurture, she determined early to make a mark on the world. She hit a bump in her road to goodly triumph when she met Antio.

Antio Mattim was a rake—a lesser son of minor nobility with few real prospects. She and Antio met by accident at a noble charity event for the “lesser” churches in the city, and proved that opposites attract. She, full of righteous zeal to do right and fear not, and he, all sarcastic smirks and jaded machismo, fell madly in love at first sight. They left Korvosa with a band of adventurers shortly after, he seeking fortune, she glory, but neither minding the hardships of the road so long as they had each other.

Their adventuring career lasted almost a year, when they took a fateful job tracking a cult of Skinsaw Men, cultists of Norgorber reveling in blood and murder. The cult surprised the party while camping on the road; in the confused and vicious midnight brawl that followed, four of her friends were killed and two dragged off into the night, including Lilliayn. She spent three days being marred and torn by the Skinsaw Men before her obscenely punished body could house her soul no longer.

Ascending to Iomedae’s halls, she rejoiced at the opportunity to serve The Inheritor eternally. She was shocked and surprised, however, to learn that her love Antio still lived—he had been the lone survivor of the Skinsaw attack. She took little time determining her next course of action, and petitioned for permission to help her beloved along the path of righteousness.

She is now his spirit guide (he sometimes laughingly calls her his “guardian angel”), tasked with guiding him in the ways of Iomedae. She has yet to truly understand this intertwining of their fate, but has noticed startling changes. As a being of spirit, she has abilities beyond anything she possessed in life. Her visible form is that of a woman in her prime, radiantly beautiful in ways mortal women rarely achieve. She can perceive past the bodies of others, seeing into their souls and sometimes reading their secrets. Light and Darkness mean little to her, as her vision transcends the physical spectrum.

Her mental perspective has taken on a more and more eternal bearing, and she sometimes finds herself contemplating ideas that she would never have conceived in mortality—the grand design of the cosmos and its workings. This last change is something she finds both exhilarating and frightening, for she recognizes it as the progression of her soul even as she fears it may create a gulf between her and her beloved Antio.

Lilliayn Genestra

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