Varisian bodyguard and companion to Cadon


Medium (Reach 1) Humanoid (Human) Walker (30 ft) – 55xp
Str 14, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10; Atk VI, Def IV, Res III, Init IV, Comp I, Health VII; Skills: Athletics IV, Medicine IV, Resolve II; Qualities: Always Ready, Class Ability(Harm’s Way I), Tricky(Fully Engaged, Salt the Wound); Feats: Shield Basics, Shield Mastery, Sword Basics

Basic Stats; Threat Level: 1
Vitality: 35 Wounds: 10 Defense: 12 DR: 2
STR 14 +2 Fortitude +1
DEX 12 +1 Reflex +2
CON 10 +0 Will +1
INT 10 +0 Unarmed +3
WIS 10 +0 Melee +3
CHA 10 +0 Ranged +2
Skill Key Attribute Skill Bonus Threat/Error Class Skill Focuses
Athletics Str +7 1 / 20 signature
Medicine Int +5 1 / 20 signature
Resolve Con +3 1 / 20 signature
Ride Dex +1 1 / 20 competence Riding Mounts
Class Abilities
Harm’s Way I Bloodsworn. Each session you may choose a ward. When you are adjacent to the ward and he is struck by an attack, you may make a Reflex save (DC 1/2 the attack result) to take the damage instead as if you were the target, and you gain 1 DR against this attack.
Always Ready NPC Quality. Always act during the surprise round.
Shield Basics You gain a +4 gear bonus with Bull Rush when you are armed with a shield, and you gain a stance.
Phalanx Fighting (Stance): Each adjacent ally gains +1 to Defense and Reflex, or +2 if you are wielding a weapon with guard +2 or higher.
Shield Mastery When you wield a shield, the armor piercing and keen qualities of attacks against you are reduced by the number of Melee Combat feats you have (3). Also, you gain a trick.
Shield Slam (Shield Attack Trick): When dealing subdual damage, if the target fails the save against subdual damage, he is also stunned for 1 round.
Sword Basics Once per round as a free action, you may Anticipate an opponent you’ve hit with a sword this turn, but you suffer a -4 penalty on the check. Also, you gain a stance.
Martial Spirit (Stance): You gain a +1 bonus with melee attacks and +3 bonus with melee damage.
Possessions and Lifestyle
Gear Description Weight Cost
P. Studded Leather Armor Worn most of the time 12 lbs 40s
Hide Shield A wooden shield, covered in leather and branded with a snake 6 lbs 10s
Short sword An ordinary and well used short sword 2 lbs 25s
Backpack A common traveling pack, made from heavy canvas 3 lbs 10s
Torches (5) Kept in the Backpack 1 lb 2s
Bandages (10) Stored in the Backpack .5 lbs 3s
Balm (3) Kept in the Backpack 1 lbs 12s
Salve (3) Kept in the Backpack 1 lbs 12s
Tonic (3) Kept in the Backpack .25 lbs 10s

Grenn grew up an orphan in the camps and caravans of a Varisian community. As a teenager, he fell in with a gang of thieves and thugs who had a penchant for going out at night to raid the surrounding communities. Over time, this gang grew into a sort of bandit-mercenary company, but their methods changed very little.

Grenn met Cadon one night while with a group that was out raiding what they thought was a Shoanti tribe. It turned out, however, that the tribe hadn’t arrived yet, and it was a war band that had been scouting ahead. The warriors discovered the bandits, and the bandits scattered, each man for himself. Three Shoanti warriors chased Grenn until he stumbled upon Cadon’s camp, where they caught him. Cadon acted quickly, and took advantage of the Shoanti who didn’t speak a word of Varisian. Cadon had been traveling to Riddleport, and so he bought Grenn’s freedom in exchange for his service as a bodyguard while in the notorious pirate haven. After Cadon’s business in the city was done, Grenn continued to travel with Cadon, rather than return to the bandits who had abandoned him.


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