Shoanti negotiator with ambitions of wealth and power

Basic Stats
Class: Courtier 2 Talent: Ruthless Specialty: Aristocrat Action Dice: 3 d4
Vitality: 18 Wounds: 10 Defense: 11 DR: 1; Resist Fire 3
STR 10 +0 Fortitude +2
DEX 12 +1 Reflex +1
CON 10 +0 Will +4
INT 16 +3 Unarmed +1
WIS 12 +1 Melee +1
CHA 16 +3 Ranged +2
Skill Key Attribute Skill Bonus Threat/Error Class Skill Focuses
Blend Cha +3* 1 / 20 origin
Bluff Cha +10* 1 / 19 yes
Haggle Wis +6 1 / 20 yes
Impress Cha +10* 1 / 19 yes
Intimidate Wis +6 1 / 20 yes
Investigate Wis +6 1 / 20 yes
Medicine Int +5 1 / 20 origin
Notice Wis +1 1 / 20 yes
Prestidigitation Dex +3 1 / 20 yes
Resolve Con +5 1 / 20 yes
Ride Dex +4 1 / 20 yes Riding Mounts
Sense Motive Wis +6 1 / 20 yes
Survival Wis +4 1 / 20 origin
Class Abilities
Menacing Threat Talent. Threaten up to 3 targets at once.
Always Ready Talent. Always act during the surprise round.
Charming Specialty. Once per session, improve the Disposition of non-adversary by 5.
Flashy Specialty. +2 Panache.
Noble Blood Specialty. Noble Renown costs 20 reputation.
Origin Skill Specialty. Bonus Origin skill.
Only the Finest Courtier. You and teammates get +2 appearance.
With a Word Courtier. Perfect Haggle and Impress checks.
Gifts and Favors I Courtier. Each adventure, gain a pool of money equal to Lifestyle X Courtier level X 5 silver (50 silver) that can only be spent on supplies and bribes.
Basic Skill Mastery (Actor) +2 bonus with Bluff and Impress checks, and threat range increases by 1.
Personal Lieutenant Gain a PL NPC with XP value equal to 50 + 5 x number of style feats you have.
Possessions and Lifestyle
Panache: 2 Coin in Hand Prudence: 3 Stake
Income: 20s Appearance: +3 20 silver Saved: 30% 29 silver
Gear Description Weight Cost
Partial Leather Armor Worn most of the time 6 lbs 20s
Short Staff Appears to be a cane, upgrades: Armor Piercing, Finesse, Keen 4.5 lbs 6s
Coin Purse Contents: 20 silver 1 lb 5s
Reputation Renown
Reputation: 6 Legend: +2 Heroic Renown: 0 Noble Renown: 1 Military Renown: 0
Prizes Description Weight Cost

Cadon never really took to the warrior lifestyle of the Shriikirri-Quah. He experienced the typical upbringing of a Shoanti warrior, and he was taught to hunt and fight, stealth and herb lore, and the myriad other skills a warrior is expected to have. However, the battles he truly excelled at were battles of wits. Over time, he grew to be called upon to negotiate surrenders, tributes, even marriages. In another society, Cadon might have become a judge, a diplomat, or perhaps a scholar. Among the Shoanti, he became a negotiator. Over the years, he spent as much time in Chelish cities as he did among the tribes, and more time travelling than either until eventually the tribe no longer felt like home.

Recently, Cadon has begun to tire of the difficult life of wandering Varisia alone (Grenn notwithstanding), smoothing over other people’s problems. He’s decided that he’d like a little more comfort and luxury in his life. The Swallowtail Festival seemed as good an opportunity as any to make a start on that, and so now he finds himself here in Sandpoint, on the lookout for opportunities to build some influence for himself and a fortune to retire on.


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