Antio Mattim

A swordsman all in black, mourning his lost love and the burdens of his soul.

Basic Stats
Class: Soldier 6 Captain 1 Talent: Single-Minded Specialty: Fencer Action Dice: 4 d6
Vitality: 95 Wounds: 14 Defense: 17 DR: 3; Resist Fire 5
STR 14 +2 Fortitude +6
DEX 16 +3 Reflex +8
CON 14 +2 Will +8
INT 12 +1 Unarmed +8
WIS 12 +1 Melee +8
CHA 12 +1 Ranged +9
Skill Key Attribute Skill Bonus Threat/Error Class Skill Focuses
Acrobatics Dex              +10           1 / 20         origin       
Athletics Str              +10           1 / 20         yes          
Impress Cha +2 1 / 20 yes
Intimidate Wis         +6            1 / 20         yes          
Investigate Wis +3 1 / 20 origin
Medicine Wis +2 1 / 20 yes
Notice Wis             +5            1 / 20         yes          
Resolve Con            +13*            1 / 20         yes          
Ride    Dex             +4            1 / 20         yes           Riding Mounts
Search Int       +7            1 / 20         yes          
Sense Motive Wis +2 1 / 20 yes
Survival Wis           +2            1 / 20         yes       
Tactics Int       +4            1 / 20         yes          
Class Abilities
Enlightened Resolve Talent.  Max Resolve ranks = level +5.
Crunch! Talent.  Str-based damage rolls do 1 more damage.
Relentless Attack (Trick) Talent.  If Antio’s last attack was against the current opponent
and missed, he gains a +2 bonus with this attack.
War of Attrition Talent.  Tire up to 3 opponents at once.
Decisive Specialty.  +5 bonus to Initiative.
Fast Specialty.  Ground Speed +10 ft.
Parry Specialty (Trick).  Ref save (DC=attack check result) to reduce damage from unarmed/melee attack to 0.
Path of Heroism I Alignment. Gain 2 bonus action dice at the start of a Dramatic Scene; one of these may be given to an ally who can see or hear Antio.
Accurate Soldier.  1 AD = 2 for attack checks.
Fortunes of War Soldier. DR 1/-, DR 2/- in Dramatic Scenes.
Armor Use I Soldier. +1 Defense in armor (included above).
Weapon Specialist: Killer Instinct Soldier. +2 damage with all proficient attacks.
Right Hand Man Captain. Replaced with Persecution Basics feat.
Feats and Tricks
Fencing Basics 1/round, free attack vs adjacent flat-footed character (½ damage). Also Work the Line Stance: Each time adjacent opponent misses, move 5 ft. and draw the opponent into the square you previously occupied. Also, each time an adjacent opponent moves away from you, you may immediately move into the square he just left.
Fencing Mastery Antio’s fencing blade attacks may inflict lethal or stress damage as he chooses at no penalty. Also En Garde! Trick: Each opponent who moves into a square adjacent to you must make a Reflex save (DC 15) or be automatically hit by your fencing blade.
Fencing Supremacy Your Dexterity score rises by 1 (already factored above). Also Touche! Trick: If your target is a standard character with a lower Dexterity score than yours, he immediately fails his Damage save (damage isn’t rolled). You may use this trick once per round.
Knife Basics All knives on Antio’s person are considered armed at all times. Also Wicked Dance stance: Your 1-handed melee attacks inflict 2 additional dice of sneak attack damage. You may not take move actions (though you may still take 5-ft. Bonus Steps as normal).
Mark Once per character per scene, as a free action, you may learn the total bonuses of 3 skills belonging to a character in your line of sight.
Personal Lieutenant Lilliayn Genestra, XP Value 70.
Glint of Madness Antio’s Threaten actions deal 1d10 stress damage. Also, once per scene after rendering a foe dead or unconscious, Antio may Threaten as a free action.
Persecution Basics Characters with Alignment: Norgorber suffer a -1 to threat
ranges of attack and skill checks targeting Antio (minimum 20). Also, once per scene as a full action, Antio may choose a single special character or standard mob within line of sight. The target must make a Will save (DC 15. Equal to 10 + Wis mod + Style feat total). With failure, Antio learns the target’s Alignment (or lack thereof).
Arrow-Cutting (Trick) Ref save (DC=attack check result) to reduce damage from bow/hurled attack to 0.
Salt the Wound (Trick) When opponent is bleeding, inflict 1d6 additional damage.
Shove (Trick) With a hit against a target of equal or smaller Size, the target is pushed back 5 ft. Antio may follow to remain adjacent to the target or stay in his current location.
Lifestyle (Total: 4)
Panache: 2                 Coin in Hand Prudence: 2 Stake   
Income: 20s Appearance: +1   9 silver      Saved: 25%    194 silver
Reputation and Renown (Legend: 4, Reputation: 17)
Heroic Military Noble
3 (The Man in Black) 0 0
Gear       Description                                                   Weight Cost
Total Encumbrance 56.1 lbs
Moderate Leather Armor The mainstay of Antio’s adventuring kit             10 lbs   
Rapier Worn like he knows how to use it 3 lbs
Stiletto A needle-sharp blade with a complex basket hilt .5 lbs
Sickle Once a farm tool, worked to accentuate the hook 2 lbs
Short Bow A trophy from a stubborn Goblin 5 lbs
Magnet In his pocket 1 lbs
Tinderbox In his pocket .5 lbs
Backpack Contents: Bedroll, Pouch, Grappling Hook, 50’ Hemp Rope, Climber’s Gear, Rations, Map (average)                                            34.1 lb    


Antio was a third son of a noble family tracing kinship to a Great House of Korvosa—the sort with no prospects and less drive. Dissolute and a little debauched, he learned the blade under the tutelage of Orisini of Korvosa largely because he had nothing better to do. While he showed promise, he abandoned advanced training when he met Lilliayn.

Lilliayn Genestra was an up-and-coming priestess of Iomedae. She and Antio met by accident at a noble charity event for the “lesser” churches in the city, and proved that opposites attract. She, full of righteous zeal to do right and fear not, and he, all sarcastic smirks and jaded machismo, fell madly in love at first sight. They left Korvosa with a band of adventurers shortly after, he seeking fortune, she glory, but neither minding the hardships of the road so long as they had each other.

Their adventuring career lasted almost a year, when they took a fateful job tracking a cult of Skinsaw Men, cultists of Norborger whose worship focuses on random murder. The cult surprised the party while camping on the road; in the confused and vicious midnight brawl that followed, three of the companions were killed and two dragged off into the night, including Lilliayn. Antio, having lost an eye in the fight and been left for dead, spent the next day staggering into the closest town, Sandpoint.

While Antio convalesced, the spirit of Lilliayn manifested to him. Admitting she had died at the hands of the cult, she informed Antio that she had found favor in Iomedae’s eyes for her bravery in the hands of the Skinsaw Men. She was now Antio’s spirit guide, tasked with helping him walk the path that would lead him to the argent halls of Iomedae where they could be together forever.

Embracing this chance to follow his love, Antio accepted the challenge of heroism—he has yet to truly understand what it will require of him.

Swallowtails and the Trouble at Thistletop

Antio convalesced in a back corner of the Sandpoint Theater prop room, thankfully provided gratis by the flamboyant dramatist Cyrdyk Drokkus. As he had little in the way of possessions when he escaped the skinsaw ambush, Antio outfitted himself from among the costumes stashed in the theater. Whether out of a sense of mourning, dramatic flair, or simply a dour mood, Antio has chosen to wear predominantly black clothes since this time—the beginnings of his reputation as “The Man in Black”.

The goblin attack on the town’s Swallowtail Festival celebration brought Antio together with several other itinerant adventurers who’s company he still keeps. The group came together so quickly and seamlessly that it almost felt like fate, and when their varied skillsets kept them alive in their retaliatory assault on the goblin stronghold of Thistletop, Antio began to understand that the hand of divine providence is rarely obvious. By the time the little band threw down Nualia the would-be succubus and her slavishly pathetic paramour Tsuto Kaijutsu, they had formed a solid team, and Antio embraced the opportunity at new friends.

Mumble Mumble Scarecrow: The Misgivings

The burgeoning trust between Antio and his new companions would be tested in the weeks that followed their return to Sandpoint. A series of murders in town, staged to incriminate and goad Antio specifically, set everyone on edge. Fortunately, a trail was picked up quickly that led to a madman at the local sanitarium. The poor soul provided crucial clues amid his ravings shortly before succumbing to ghoul fever—clues that would lead to a decrepit old manor high on a sea cliff.

Antio was especially driven to Foxglove Manor, the house known as The Misgivings, due to a vision he received from an entity he believes was Norgorber himself. Father Skinsaw himself cryptically invited Antio to slay the members of a rogue congregation, and while the irony was not lost on the swordsman he was happy to oblige the fiend for the sake of revenge.

Prepared to storm the manor alone had it been required, Antio quietly credits his friends for standing with him even as he tore through the house in search of vengeance. Unfortunately, what the group found instead was Aldern Foxglove, last son of the once-mighty merchant house, now a ghoul in thrall to a mysterious group called the Brotherhood of Seven. Foxglove died with Antio’s blade in his throat, but knowing that the cult proper was in Magnimar meant only one thing.

The Wanton of Nature’s Pagan Forms

To be continued…

Antio Mattim

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