Alden Smith

platinum blond hair, with a golden complection and gold eyes, with an unearthly handsomness to him.


Alden Smith
stern fighter
priest 3

str: 16, dex: 12, con: 12, int:10, wis: 16, cha: 15
bab: 4

fort 5, reflex 3, will 9

initiative 3
defense 17 no shield, 19 with shield.

skills total/ranks/mod/misc
accrobatics: 11=10+1
athletics: 13=10+3
crafting 10=10+0
intimidate 12=10+2
medicine 10=10+0
resolve 11=10+1
craft metal working, carpentry. leather work

grueling combatant, stern 2 subdual damage on miss
light sleeper, stern sleeping not terminal
no pain, stern ignore first fatiged or shaken
unbreakable, stern attribute impaiment reduced by 1
armor basics, figher
attribute training, fighter +1 to lowest of str or con
extra proficiency fighter +4 proficiencies.

devout, priest action die to reroll miss with ritual weapon or class skill failure.
acolyte, priest
signs and portents free hint
path of devoted x2 path step
bonus feaT bonus style or chance feat
mask of god. all out attack and cleave basics with

light I
War IV

angelic heritage: wisdom of cha +1, acid resist 5 +1 appearance and become outsider
angelic legacy: wings, acid, cold resist 10
contempt free atack against standard character use once per starting action die.
living on the edge: bonus action die for party on dramatic scene.
mysterious ways: take path outside gods portfolio.

prudence 2 panache 3


warding strike
triumphant swing d6 vitality on hit
shield block fort save to stop damage
fully engaged
damned if you do. against enemy who hit error +1, +2 damage
damned if you dont. same as above, but if they had missed.
retribution once per combat when hit with attack may make an imidiate free attack.


longsword 8 1d12 8 keen 4
shield, metal 6 1d4 3
dwarven partial chain w light fittings dr 4. 6 vs edged.
rep 53
heroic renown III
stake 1400s


Alden is not sure about much of his past. his earliest memories revolve around a village a fortnight up the coast from sandpoint, his father was a retired paladin, forced to leave Iomedae’s service to be a single father. though the man was not bothered by this, as he new his son a true gift from his goddess. Alden never new to much of his mother except that she was an outsider from one of the celestial plains. a few weeks ago Alden was run out of his village as a series of mysterious deaths led many to be suspicious of his outsider heritage. and thus he struck out on his own. leaving his dad to his shop. the village was sacked and destroyed a few days later.

Alden Smith

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