The following Campaign Qualities will be in use for this campaign:

Characters start at 1st level with standard amount of attribute points.

  • Miracles: The gods have been known to play favorites, and seek to achieve their own goals.
    p((. * Beneficent Universe: Those who dedicate their lives to a god reap rewards
    p((. * Fickle Forces: By those rewards are granted by dieties who are not always paying attention. This will be in use for all dramatic scenes, and in any scene where an Aligned character spends an action die to bring it into effect.
  • Sorcery: Magic is real, and while not commonplace, is not unknown either. Magic, while not understood, is taken to be a tool, like any other, and how it is used determines peoples reactions to it.
  • Complex Heroes: Mostly because I love the whole idea of subplots.
  • Non-Scaling NPCs: This is primarily to give a way for bonus exp to actually mean something. I’m not married to this one, if you’d rather have scaling NPCs.

Allowed Races:

  • Dwarf
  • Elf (No Drow)
  • Human – Inaddtion, decide if you are of Varisian, Shoanti or other(normally lumped as Chelaxian) descent
  • Orc – In game, you’d be a half-orc. Not that Shoanti hate half-orcs with even more of a passion than they hate Chelaxians.
  • Pech
  • Unborn – While not common, I like the idea of free-willed contructs. They are not common, however, and most people are going to treat you as an object owned as opposed to a sentient being.

In additon:

You may use Reputation to purchase Magic Items. There are two means you can use to do this. If you have a Contact of an appropriate craftsman, you can purchase any magic item he can make at the standard price. You can arrange for an item to be brought for you at double the cost, an item of you desire. Finally, you can use the reputation to essentially get an adventure hook, a lead on where an object like that might befound. You spend a certain amount of reputation, and can design an item. What you find at the end of it, might, or might not be exactly what you wanted, though I’m not going to screw you with it.

Just because I think it’s going to be a problem for me, Touch of Light can either heal you to half of your maximum vitality, if your lower than that, or to your maximum vitatily if your higher than that. It may not be the problem I think it is, in which case I’ll remove the restriction.

Healing spells, also, can be used on the caster.

Haggling gains only a +1 bonus/penalty per tier that NPC in question has with you.

Crafting: Everyone knows how to perform craftsmanship upgrades for their race. However, you don’t know the upgrades for other races. Instead of learning a new crafting focus, you may instead learn any one craftmanship upgrade. Humans, not having an upgrade of their own, may learn the upgrade for any of the allowed races.

Other than that, I can’t remember any house rules I"m going to be using. I tend to be a rules lawyer. If you have a problem with a ruling, or if I’ve forgotten something(likely since this is going to be my first time running), please feel free to bring it up. I may not change anything at the time, depending on the needs of the story. I may have designed a scene/combat/whathaveyou with a rule in mind, and if that’s changed from my (faulty) conception, the whole thing falls apart. In that case, I’ll stick with my ruling for that whatever, and we’ll go to the other rule afterwards.

If you have 1/2 cover or better when moving, you can ignore adjacency for your movement, including tumbling.


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