Foxglove Manor

Foxglove Manor was build 80 years ago by Vorel Foxglove, a merchant-prince of Magnimar, and has been the seat of the Foxgloves, a minor noble family, for since that time. 40 years after he built it, the entire family living there died of the disease. While it remained the family seat, it remained empty and shunned until Travor Foxglove and his wife Cyralie moved in to raise their family.

The locals know of Foxglove Manor as “The Misgivings,” particularly by Varisians due to to it’s reputation. There have been sightings of strange lights in the attic windows, muffled sounds of screaming from above and below and even rumor of some huge bat-winged devil(some say the Sandpoint Devil) living in the caves below the manor proper.

As recently as 2 decades ago, the Foxgloves have lived in the manor, until a tragedy happened one night. What happened then is still something of a mystery, but there was a fire that burned down the servants quarters, and Cyralie Foxglove was found dead — burnt and dashed on the rocks below. Travor Foxglove, her husband, was found in his bedroom, dead by his own hand. After that night, his two children, Aldern Foxglove and his sister Penelope, were sent to an orphanage in Magnimar, and then later claimed by a distant relative in Korvosa.

An odd note in the family history is the long-standing association of the family with the a merchant organization known as the Brotherhood of the Seven, a rather secrative association.

Foxglove Manor

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