Torc of Favor

This golden torc, molded to look like a braided rope, ends in two dragon heads, each with sapphire eyes.


This torc is granted to show the favor of Peace through Vigilance to his disciple. This artifact contains the following charms and essences.

Blessing of Enlightenment(Class Enhancement: Mage)
Blessing of Prudence(Feat: Sword Basics)
Blessing of Insight (Feat: Spellcasting Basics)

Blessing of Perception (Skill Points, Greater: Spellcasting)
Blessing of Light – You gain [Item Level X 4] Spell points per adventure that you can freely use.
Blessing of Leadership [Attribute Boost, Greater: Charisma)

Great Charm bonuses are +2 (levels 1-2), +3 (levels 3-6), +4 (levels 7-10), +5 (levels 11-14), +6 (levels 15-18), and +7 (levels 19-20).

[[ Final Cost to Brother Teo: 74 ]]


Torc of Favor

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