The Assassin's Blade

A dull-black blade that radiates menace

weapon (melee)

Superior Rapier, AP 2, Bleed, Finesse

Essence: Essence of Shadow – +8 bonus with Stealth and Hide while Moving;Automatically hidden when stops
+1 die of sneak attack damage in first 3 rounds of combat
Only applies to Indoors/Settled

Charm: Killer’s Insight: +2 threat range vs. Folk


Forged for the chosen of Norberger, these blades are the perfect assassin weapons, allowing them to move unseen and unheard, and to strike to the heart of whomever they choose.

As Norberger values strength and skill, anyone who killed the rightful wielder of these may use it, even going so far as to be rededicated to whichever god they worship, as long as they are not opposed to Norberger.

The Assassin's Blade

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