Urist Silverharp

A Dwarven skald searching the land for his great epic.

Basic Stats
Class: Sage 7 Species: Dwarf Specialty: Bard Action Dice: 5d6
Vitality: 132 Wounds: 16 Defense: 19 (21 with shield) DR: 2, Resist Cold 3 Initiative: +8
STR 10 +0 Fortitude +12
DEX 10 +0 Reflex +10
CON 16 +3 Will +12
INT 14 +2 Unarmed +10
WIS 16 +3 Melee +10
CHA 16 +3 Ranged +10
Skill Key Attribute Ranks Skill Bonus Threat/Error Class Skill Focuses
Athletics Str 17 +17 1 / 20 yes
Bluff Cha 2 +5 1 / 20 yes
Crafting Int 19 +21 1 / 20 yes Carpentry, Carving, Inscription, Metalworking, Stonecutting
Haggle Wis 2 +5 1 / 20 yes
Impress Cha 17 +20 1 / 20 origin
Intimidate Wis 17 +20 1 / 20 yes
Investigate Wis 17 +20 1 / 20 yes
Medicine Int 2 +4 1 / 20 yes
Notice Wis 2 +5 1 / 20 yes
Resolve Con 17 +20 1 / 20 origin
Ride Dex 4 +4 1 / 20 yes Land Vehicles, Riding Mounts
Search Int 2 +4 1 / 20 yes
Sense Motive Wis 21 +24 1 / 20 yes
Survival Wis 2 +5 1 / 20 yes
Tactics Int 2 +4 1 / 20 yes
Interests Total Studies: 4
Languages Studies
Dwarven Highhelm
Common Epic Poetry
Thassilonian Tavern Songs
Dwarven History
Class Abilities
Darkvision I Species. Ignore the effects of dim and faint light.
Enlightened Crafting Species. Max Crafting ranks = level +5.
Improved Stability Species. Large for carrying capacity, Trample attacks, and resisting Bull Rush and Trip attempts when standing firmly on ground.
Iron Gut Species. +2 insight bonus with saves against disease and poisons.
Restricted Actions Species. Kick attacks, Jump and Swim checks are untrained.
Thick Hide 2 Species. Considered to be wearing partial armor with DR 2.
Beguiling Specialty. On successful Taunt, may choose to have target become fixated for 1d6 rounds. Special characters may spend 1 action dice to ignore ability for the rest of the scene.
Encouragement Specialty. 1/scene, spend 1 minute to give 1 teammate a +1 morale bonus to saving throws for the scene.
Free Hint Specialty. 1/session, request a free hint from the GM, gain 1 bonus action dice if refused.
Practiced Impress Specialty. Regain action dice used to boost failed Impress check.
Breadth of Experience Sage. Choose 4 skills (Athletics, Bluff, Intimidate, Survival). They become class skills and you gain 2 ranks in each.
Wise Counsel Sage. Spend an action dice to boost the attack, skill check, save, or damage roll of a teammate who can see or hear you.
Assistance I Sage. Increase the error range of an ally’s skill check by 1 or 2 to reduce the time it takes to 1/2 or 1/4 normal (rounded up, minimum 5 or 1 minutes).
Best of the Best Sage. Six times per scene, when you or a teammate who can see or hear you makes a skill check, they may apply the highest available skill bonus among you.
Cross-Training Sage. Gain Cross-Class ability Trade Secrets (Keeper), Bonus Feat: Aggro Supremacy (Explorer), and Eloquence (Courtier).
Trade Secrets Keeper. Your maximum Sense Motive skill rank is equal to your Career Level +8.
Hand of Fate Sage. Once per adventure, you may spend 10 minutes planning to gain 1 temporary Chance feat of your choice until the end of the adventure.
Take Heart Sage. Once per dramatic scene, you may spend a full action to give an impassioned speech. Each teammate who can see or hear you immediately recovers to 1/2 their maximum vitality (rounded up).
Proven Worth Sage. You and each teammate’s starting action dice increase by 1.
Well-Rounded You may always purchase the first five ranks for any skill in Chapter 2.
Sword Basics Once per round as a free action, you may Anticipate an opponent you’ve hit with a sword this turn, but you suffer a -4 penalty on the check. Also, you gain a stance.
Martial Spirit (Stance): You gain a +1 bonus with melee attacks and +3 bonus with melee damage.
Aggro Basics You may taunt up to 3 opponents at once. Also, you gain a stance.
Easy Prey (Stance): You gain a +4 bonus with Taunt checks, and suffer a -2 penalty to Defense.
Aggro Mastery Once per round, after a teammate is attacked within Close Quarters, you may spend 1 Edge to Taunt his attacker as a free action.
Your Father Smelt of Elderberries! (Taunt Trick): If this check is successful, you gain 1 Edge. You may use this trick once per round.
Aggro Supremacy When you hit an opponent with a melee or unarmed attack, you may Taunt him as a free action.
Mortal Insult (Taunt Trick): You may spend up to 5 Edge to make your target enraged for a number of rounds equal to the Edge spent. Opponents enraged in this way do not fall unconscious when the condition ends.
Lionheart Basics When you hit with a melee attack, you may spend 1 Edge to inflict 3 additional damage. This increases to 5 additional damage in Stout of Heart stance.
Face of Death (Threaten Trick): You gain 1 Edge if at least one adjacent opponent fails his Resolve check.
Lionheart Mastery Once per round you gain 1 Edge when you’re attacked by a special adversary.
Roar of the Pride (Melee Attack Trick): Spend 4 Edge. Even if this attack misses, up to 3 allies adjacent to you may immediately make a free attack against the target.
Lionheart Supremacy When you kill an adversary, you may spend 5 Edge to make each enemy within 20 ft. shaken.
Stout of Heart (Stance): Get a +4 bonus with Intimidate, Resolve, and Will saves equal to your current Edge, and suffer a -4 penalty to defence. Also my speed is 20 ft higher when it will end me adjacent to an adversary.
Mix-Up (Tire, Threaten) (Trick): Once per round, when the you haven’t taken the action during the last 3 rounds, you may make a Tire or Threaten action and gain a +3 morale bonus with the first attack or skill check it requires.
Damned if you Do (Attack Trick): Three times per combat, when you attack an opponent who has hit you in this combat, increase your error range by 1 to gain a +2 morale bonus to damage.
Magic Items
Lion’s Tongue (Dwarven Shortsword): Scare II 2/scene, Lionheart Basics
Unarmed: Proficient Bows: Proficient
Blunt: Proficient Black Powder: None
Edged: Forte Siege Weapons: None
Hurled: Proficient Tricks: 3
Possessions and Lifestyle
Panache: 5 Coin in Hand Prudence: 3 Stake
Income: 50s Appearance: +1 824s Saved: 30% 585s
Renown and Reputation
Legend: +9 Reputation: 65
Heroic Renown: 3 Title: Skald
Military Renown: 0 Title: None
Noble Renown: 4 Title: Thegn
Gear Description Weight
Padded Jacket A thick woolen travelling jacket with cloak. 4 lbs
Metal Shield A round targe shield, heavily fortified with iron. 8 lbs
Lion’s Tongue An elaborately jewelled and gold-inlaid dwarven falchion. 2 lbs
Light Crossbow A sturdy wooden crossbow with a horse-hair string. 4 lbs
Bolt Quiver A stout leather quiver. Holds 28 quarrels. 2.8 lbs
Lyre A wooden lyre, heavily carved with dwarven designs. 5 lbs
Hooded Lantern A tin lantern, decorated with a light punched pattern. 2 lbs
Oil Jug A small clay jug with a thick cork. Holds 4 pints oil. 4 lbs
Silk Rope 50 ft. of fine silk rope. Rated for 750 lbs. 5 lbs
Grappling Hook A three-pronged iron grapnel. Attached to the rope. 4 lbs
Detailed Map A heavily annotated vellum map of central Varisia. 0.1 lbs
Spyglass A finely-made brass spyglass, chased with silver. 3 lbs
Magnifying Glass A ground lens in a small leather case. 0.5 lbs
Backpack Contents: Bedroll, Hooded Lantern, Oil (4 Pints), Silk Rope (50 ft.), Grappling Hook, Detailed Map, Spyglass, Magnifying Glass, Tinderbox, Paper, Ink, Rations (7), Bolt Case (28). 18.75 lbs

Urist Silverharp was born in the great dwarven city of Highhelm, the center of dwarven culture. Urist is a son of the old and wealthy Silverharp clan, famous for producing some of the greatest bards known to dwarvenkind. Urist always felt stifled by the ancient dwarven chants that his instructors forced upon him, preferring the war ballads and tavern songs found among the lower classes. This caused constant friction between Urist and the strong traditionalists of his clan.

Urist proved such a difficulty for his clan elders, that they arranged to have him shipped off to the dwarven sky citadel of Janderhoff in Varisia, to live under the iron boot of his harsh and militaristic uncle, Sigrund. When his caravan stopped in Korvosa to resupply for the final leg of the journey, Urist gave his guardians the slip, escaping to the wilderness of Varisia, where he hopes to create the epic tale of his own exploits.

Urist Silverharp

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