Disari Tharfell

Tanned skinned Varisian warrior. His arms and chest adorned with many tattoos of great winged beasts, such as giant eagles and Hippogryphs. He bears many weapons, not the least of which a pair of Varisian Starknives.


Human (Varisian) Soldier

Work in Progress


A spirited warrior, Disari grew up amongst the Tharfell nomads. Never much for leadership, he was contented to learn the fighting arts instead. Like many of his clan, he reveres Desna, the Lady of Stars. So much so, that he holds much of his faith in the Harrow, and bases a large portion of his decisions on the cards.

It was this faith that lead him towards adventuring. A particularily disturbing reading one stormy evening left him with impressions of great destiny were laid out before him. Somewhere in the world, he would find himself at a great joining of paths. From there, a great tempest would arise to draw him in. He could not foresee past this great event then, nor any time since. With his future unclear, he has taken up arms and bid his family farewell.

Disari Tharfell

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