Cyrdyk Drokkus

Owner of the Sandpoint Theatre, and committed dramatic impressario


Cyrdyk is the quintessential bardic dramatist. An unrepentant and shockingly open-minded flirt, his peculiar brand of flamboyance is known all over Sandpoint and the surrounding region. Most view him with humor, though the occasional prude will huff that it’s his sort that’s corrupting the youth of today. Either way, his plays make money.

Indeed, his contacts in Magnimar mean Cyrdyk often runs his productions head-to-head against the finest of the region. Actors great and obscure make the rounds to Sandpoint at the promise of eager audiences and steady coin. Cyrdyk is ever eager to showcase (some would say exploit) a visiting celebrity performer, and the people of Sandpoint value his productions as among the things that make Sandpoint truly unique.

Cyrdyk took in the battered Antio Mattim upon the latter’s arrival in Sandpoint and allowed the wounded swordsman to convalesce rent-free in the theater. Perhaps Cyrdyk simply wanted a resource to make his stage fights more impressive, perhaps he wanted it known he had a swordsman handy for protection, or perhaps it was some combination of the two. Regardless of the original intent, Antio, Antio’s lady Lilliayn, and Cyrdyk established a friendship that continues to the present day, and the pair are always welcome at the Sandpoint Theater.

Cyrdyk Drokkus

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