• Alden Smith

    Alden Smith

    platinum blond hair, with a golden complection and gold eyes, with an unearthly handsomness to him.
  • Antio Mattim

    Antio Mattim

    A swordsman all in black, mourning his lost love and the burdens of his soul.
  • Colhad Lowiron

    Colhad Lowiron

    A dwarf of typical stature and build; however, unlike most dwarfs, all of the hair on his body has been shaved clean and his face is adorned with tattoos.
  • Marcus Ruine

    Marcus Ruine

    No, I'm not going to stop drinking! If I do, the cumulative hangover will probably kill me...
  • Teodoros Arkmagos

    Teodoros Arkmagos

    A magic-wielding disciple of Iomedae with a draconic heritage.
  • Urist Silverharp

    Urist Silverharp

    A Dwarven skald searching the land for his great epic.