Rise of the Runelords

While Lies Below

Adventure Hook

While not successful in Antio’s eyes, the group leaves Magnimar with a definate lift to their step. It’s not every day you can destroy an evil cult, after all. Urist plays his harp to help pass the time, but as the group passes through a small fishing village a few miles outside of Magnimar, and unhealthy smelling fog rolls in quickly from the sea.

Urist stops playing, a coldness settling into his heart, as he hears the small voice of a young boy singing a strange sea chanty:

The sea is dark, the sea is deep
down below is where they sleep
cold and dark, beneath the foam
they wait for us but never alone

Urist quickly hauls on the reins as a the boy steps in front of the wagon, nearly getting run over. But he appears lost in his song, and just keeps up the chanty, walking on. Just before he gets out of sight, he is joined by another young boy, singing the same chanty in perfect time.



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