Rise of the Runelords

Urist's Journal 9/4

From the Journal of Urist Silverharp

Nualia gave us a good amount of trouble, but a well-placed strike from Marcus took her down. I knew we could trust the lad. We searched the entire dungeon, but found hide nor hair of the demon Malfeshnekor. I can only hope that we didn’t miss something crucial. We gathered up everything that we could and made our way back to Sandpoint.

We’ve managed to repair our reputation in the town, partly due to Antio’s efforts with Ameiko, but mainly due to my expertly-crafted ballad about the battle with the goblins. I have no doubt the song will be playing in Korvosa within the month. I just hope that none of my kin catch word of it.

Our high spirits took a turn for the grim this morning. Sheriff Hemlock sent for us in the early hours of the morning and met us outside of town. He wants us to investigate a couple of grisly murders that have sprung up recently in the town. Hemlock wanted us to keep it as low-key as possible, feared that the murders might spark a panic. Apparently they had a similar issue a few years back and the paranoia nearly tore the whole town apart.

Our investigations first took us to the sawmill. It was a proper grisly scene: the sawmill operator and some tart, the sister of the little minx that accosted Colhad, had been butchered in the night. The entire building reeked of old rot, even though the bodies were fresh. Antio and Teo suspect some sort of undead; I’ll defer to their experience with such things. Whatever it was, it got in through the second story window and survived a nasty axe wound.

The most interesting thing about the scene was the millworker’s corpse. He had been strung up on hooks and had a seven-pointed symbol carved into his chest, like the one carved into the amulet we took from Nualia. I fear that these murders may be part of something much larger.



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