Rise of the Runelords

The Irespan - an Anecdote

A History of Dread
in 4623 AR, Magnimar’s second lord-mayor, Varnagan Draston-meir, ordered that stone for the newly planned city wall and rising Arven-soar be quarried directly from the Irespan. While the decision
unnerved many—especially laborers faced with mining 300-some feet above the ground—work soon commenced in earnest. Within days of setting to work, quarrymen proved the long-held rumor that
the giant’s Bridge was a hollow structure, revealing partially col-lapsed hallways at the span’s end. the discovery, however, did little to stall the bridge’s demolition.

Less than a week into the project, events occurred that ended any current or future intrusion upon the megalithic monument. Toiling with pick and hammer, workers revealed a vast, darkened
chamber within the bridge. mere moments after the discovery was made, a cacophony of shuddersome skittering heralded an out-pouring of hundreds of ravening spider-legged things. scrambling
forth, the man-sized spidery monstrosities invaded the community. Hundreds of Magnimar’s citizens were killed, maimed, and taken, as the ravenous things preyed upon them. only the heroics of
the twin wizards Cailyn and Romre Vanderale and an adventuring company known as the eyes of the hawk saved the town, rallying the local militia, driving the flame-fearing spider horrors back into the bridge, and collapsing the gap to the chambers within.

Ever since, all tampering with the giant’s Bridge or building
within 50 feet of it has been forbidden by law. still, historians and
daring youths frequently report strange vibrations upon the irespan
and low, scraping sounds emanating from within.



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