Rise of the Runelords

Several Shades of Grey

“Are you serious?” Antio was incredulous.

“About this, most assuredly,” replied Lilliayn. “It’s not as though we’re dealing with Rovagug, or Zon-Kuthon, or even Urgathoa. Norgorber’s motivations aren’t always violently evil. He’s mysterious, no doubt, and untrustworthy by the likes of us, but he approached you directly. Like it or not, you’re doing him a favor. We all are, by shriving this cult of his.”

“But if we were actually advancing a sinister plot, surely you’d have been warned,” Antio sat back, uncertain.

“That’s what led my thought this way,” Lilliayn said quickly, almost excited. “Typically, I have feelings one way or another on many activities. Here, I have none. It’s as though Iomedae waits to see what will happen.”

Antio thought a moment before venturing “So we’re pawns.”

Lilliayn shrugged. “Aren’t we anyway? Mortal perception of the games gods play is always limited. The best we can do is move with faith.”

“So,” Antio shifted thoughtfully, “just so I understand, you’re proposing that I stay open to the possibility of further contact from Norgorber, since he may ask me another favor, which would theoretically provide some clue as to what might be going on?”

“Yes,” Lilliayn nodded, for the third or fourth time. It had taken several explainings to get Antio to put the pieces together.

“Why don’t I just ask?”

“Ask?” Lilliayn blinked. “Ask the Reaper of Reputation for another task? Um…”

“No no,” Antio waved a hand to dismiss the notion. “I mean just ask him what he’s up to? Should he contact me again, that is. After all, I’m doing him a favor. Why not call it in?”

Lilliayn started to speak several times. “That sounds dangerous,” she ventured at last.

“More dangerous than whatever else he might ask me to do?” Antio smiled grimly. “I’ll take my chances.”



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